THE GUTS MUST BE CRAZY by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

A dream struggling to survive
Vibrating speedily
Fighting to win
But there you are, videoing
Helping fate to conquer,
A conspiracy of silence
The guts must be crazy.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

There he lies, bleeding
Gasping for air, rolling
Unconscious, far from reality
But there you are, recording
The guts must be crazy.

Riches left scattered
Wealth home and abroad
But here lies he accidentally
Head bruised, jaw broken
Fractured legs, internal wounds
Yet, you are standing
Taking photographs, making fun
Forgetting that the rich also cry.

The other is over there naked
Stripped, to take a walk of shame
Flogged, stoned, dehumanized
You were so cool with the scene
Because things have fallen apart.

Look over there, the poor is hungry
He is begging for alms
But your camera rolls
Because you have the audacity of hope.

About the starving girl
Hawking on the streets
Your quest is her skirt
So you filmed your conquest
And for her, since then
Things were no longer at ease.

The old woman standing in the bus
Old, haggard and worn out
Pale, sick and lean
You pulled a stunt
And have it stored,
Because the dreams of our father died,
The guts must be crazy.

Doing drugs, thuggery
Ganging, hanging
Stealing, defrauding
Abusing, polluting
Yet recording, videoing, storing, sharing
Because the society is becoming,
The guts must be crazy.

You could help dying victims
But no more conscience
Emergency patients, needing care
Yes, you can save them
I mean no one but you,
The guts must be crazy.

People fight and strip themselves
People gather to strip someone,
They burn, kill and murder
Even innocent people fall victims
But you will be there
Snapping, photographing, posting
Because you want to unleash the arrow of god,
The guts must be crazy.

Dead bodies, corpses, burning humans
Ugly sights, ungodly acts
Barbaric beliefs, jungle Justice
You laud them with silence
And aid all with pictures and videos,
The guts must be crazy.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, blogs
Newspapers, all the media
Instead of socializing
We debase humanity
And commonize the santity of life
Because we need a long walk to freedom,
The guts must be crazy.

How we lost it, I do not know
That accident victims would be lying helplessly
While we take photos of their helplessness,
Secrets, sacred and consecrated matters make headlines
Because our values are gone and eroded our norms
No wonder, the nightfall in Soweto.

Drop the phone, close the camera
Help victims, save lives
Life is a journey
What goes around, comes around
Even half of a yellow sun.

A purple hibiscus
Can light the twelfth night,
The concubine
Can save the mistress
Stay awake at the watchtower
Because there was a country,
The guts must be crazy.

Cry, the beloved country
The gods must be crazy
Because no retreat, no surrender
So think and grow rich,
The guts must be crazy.

The guts of insane men
And the gods of weird women
All, push my pen
In this crazy world.

We are humans not animals
Accident victims are not sightseeing
Let us not make them movies,
Save, rescue, help
Anybody can be a victim.

The gods must be crazy
When we are no longer at ease.

When we are no longer at ease
The guts must be crazy.

Poem by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

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