See the Kenya Church where followers dance with the dead

‘Shocking’: Church in Kenya where followers dance with the dead

Stalwarts of the Jerusalem Church of Christ in Kawangware.

This sounds creepy but it’s true.

There is a church in Kenya where the faithful have a jig with the dead before interment.

The Jerusalem Church of Christ in Kawangware led by Prophetess Mary Akatsa considers dancing with the dead as a right of passage designed to celebrate the graduation of its followers into another life.

”They have graduated from the earthly life into the heavenly life. They have been given degrees and the dance is a celebration of that transition. The relatives and those close to the departed have the opportunity to dance with the body,” Mary Akatsa says in a YouTube video posted by a mainstream media outlet.

In a society where people fear the dead, this ritual will surprise many Kenyans.

But for members of the church, that should not come as a surprise to the rest of Kenyans as death is just a transition like any other transition.

”When you graduate from university, people dance in celebration. Why should a dance aimed at celebrating the graduation of someone from the earth come as a surprise,” a member of the church who speaks on condition of anonymity opines.

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