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NYSC ORIENTATION: What to expect – johnnybility

NYSC ORIENTATION; What to expect and things you need to take along with you to camp.

*(1.)* Get your documents intact – *Passport (8-10), Call-Up letter, Green Card Notification of result or statement of result, ID Letter or ID Card and your Certificate if available.* …

*NOTE*: *You don’t need to make 20 copies cuz you wouldn’t use much, 5 copies of each would do.*
( *don’t let anyone trap you into taking 8 copies of passport for #2,000 at the gate* ).

*(2.)* *You should also go with the following items for your own convenience;*

– 2-3 white shirts,
-2-3 pairs of shorts, ‎
– 6 pairs of socks with two green stripes, ‎
– 1 white rubber sneakers or Leather sneakers for easy cleaning
– Underwears‎, handkerchiefs and face towels
– Food flask, Cup and ‎Spoon (Forks & Knives are contraband) ‎
– ‎Disinfectants, Bathing soaps, Detergent/Bar soap, A bucket and a bailer
‎- Towel, Hair needs, Body cream, Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Cereals, Beverages and snacks.
– Pen, Jotter, Marker and Stapler
– ‎Cloth hangers, Bedspread, Pillow and pillow case
– Shower cap, Make-up and other ladies accessories
– Pad‎locks, Slippers, Tissue paper and Torchlight
– Sunglasses, Wristwatch and Waist pouch
– Phone, Charger, Power Bank, Camera and Batteries.
– Basic Drugs: Paracetamol, Cold reliefs, cough syrup, allergy medicines…

*(3.)* Try as much as possible to get to your Orientation camp early so as to complete registration in time and settle down quick. The camp will be open a day before Orientation so as to allow those travelling from far away places ‎to have a place to sleep.

*(4.)* In camp like Lagos,the first thing you ‎are assigned on the first day of orientation is a room so you can get a bunk, lay your bed and place your luggage on it. The next step was to go for Biometric capturing. This requires you take all your original documents and their photocopies including passports to the registration point. You will receive instructions on what to do at this point. After biometrics, you will be given a file and some forms to fill plus your State Code tag will be issued to you. This code will be your means of Identification throughout your service year. The next step is the bank account opening after which you are issued a clearance note which you take to your platoon officials for registration and submission of your file containing the forms you were given to fill.

*(5.)* Your code tag will have four numbers, the last digit is used to depict your platoon. There are 10 platoons. ‎If your state code is 0671, you’re in Platoon 1, 1175 means Platoon 5 while 0450 means Platoon 10. The state code is written in full as State/Year & Batch/Code number. For Lagos — LA/16B/0671, LA/16B, 1175, LA/16B/0450. *You should get a lanyard because you must have your Code tag on you at all times.*

*(6.)* Once your registration at your platoon is complete, you will be given your kits –
– 2 plain white shirts
– 2 pairs of white shorts
– 1 NYSC Crested Shirt‎
– 1 pair of Khaki trouser
– 1 Khaki shirt ‎
– 2 pairs of socks‎
– 1 pair of ‎white sneakers
– 1 pair of Jungle boots
– 1 NYSC Face cap
– Meal Ticket‎

*(7.)* Once you are given your kits, your registration is complete and you can proceed to your room to change into your white shirt, white ‎shorts, white socks, white sneakers and your NYSC Cap and your Code tag.

*(8.)* ‎There would be no activity till 4 in the evening so you can make use of the opportunity to meet people and settle into your new environment.

*(9.)* Get used to the sound of the Bugle, it looks like a trumpet but smaller. It would annoy you for most of the 21 days on camp.‎ All activities in cam will be fully regimented. You will be drilled extensively and discipline will be instilled in you. Though the soldiers are not allowed to lay hands on coppers, they could punish you.

*(10.)* You will have to wake up by 4:30 everyday for morning drills except Sundays. Morning drill ends by 7:30am when you’d go for “Bath and Breakfast” till 9:00am. Lectures and Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED)‎

training are from 9:00am till 2:00pm. Lunch and Siesta is from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Evening drills/Man ‘O’ War and Martial arts is from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. Games and Sports from 5:30pm to 6:30 pm. Dinner is served from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. From 8:30pm to 10:30pm you have social activities.

*(11.)* From the second day in camp, each platoon will take turns to be on duty. One platoon each day. *Duty* covers ‘Sanitation Duty’ and ‘Kitchen Duty’. You will be divided to work either Sanitation or Kitchen. Those on kitchen duty will be further splited into Morning, Afternoon and Evening Duty. In the kitchen, you’d help in the preparation of meals and serving. For Sanitation, moping and cleaning of the hostels, picking of the surroundings and any other arrangements will be your work. Members of the Platoon on duty will enjoy a free day and won’t be partaking in any other activities for the day. (You can just finish your work and chill for the rest of the day)

*(12.)* If you want to get involved in one activity or sport, you should prepare before hand. Footballers should go along with their kits. There’s Volleyball for ladies, Athletics, Miss NYSC, Mr. Macho, Prince Charming, Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful, Talent hunt , Cooking competition, Debate and Business plan competitions. You should also go along with one casual wear or traditional attire for the camp Carnival.

*(13.)* You will meet a diverse group of people in camp, it’s advisable you loosen up, meet people and make good friends. Be of best best behaviour and remember, it’s only 21 days, whatever happens in camp stays in.
*See you all at the top*

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