Mr Bangbose Joseph Hontonyon a.k.a Dagbe Dagbe (good good). He  Became comrade in Lagos State University (lasu) immediately after his secondary education.

Exactly 82 and 87 as a vibrant comrade, he became an accountant with NCB. Also worked as a Clark with K.E in Ikeja between 88 and 89. The continuation of his struggle make him NYSC instructor to the Air force military school in Jos in 1995/97.

Interestingly, the then comrade became an honorable in Lagos State house of Assembly (LAHA) from 1999/2007.(2 term)

He contested as the executive chairman badagry west L.C.D.A  in his home town  and emerged successfully from 2008 to 2015. (2 term)

Currently a member of federal house of representatives badagry federal constituency (1st term) and recently endorsed for second term by badagry youths who believed in his ideology come 2019.

It is indeed palatable to the mind and interesting to human hearing. It is obvious and glaring that HON. BAMGBOSE H. JOSEPH is articulate, experience, and capable to represent.
Sincerely, he had done a lot , assist a lot, contributed immensely to humanity through several kind of empowerment.
Arguably, he may and may not be perfect by giving up to our expectations (law of imperfection).

He has better opportunity and the strength including many variables to represent again with our support.

His Behaviour
-BAM is politically active
-BAM is very quite,humble and gentle.
-The most accessible politician in Badagry Division
-He believed and  trusted in the youths
-He had empowered many youth
-He loves speaking Ogu, Awori, English , Hausa, Ilaje n Igbo e.t.c
-Highly experienced
-Dagbe Dagbe is egalitarian in practice
-His phone line is open always
-The most famous politician in badagry division, Lagos n Nigeria
-The most talked about politician in Badagry
-The campaign coordinator for AMBO LEKAN SI AGENDA badagry division
-Boluwatife his Ideology (How GOD want it)
-His most popular and embraced Ogu song (èso wana mi oti tan, ewa nami aweto, eso wanami atonto, è wa nami ope ton yen wa tho Dagbe Dagbe) ,meaning “He did it for the first time, the second time,and the third time. Of what he had done to me, I came to give thanks”.
-He has 95% chance to emerge house of Rep candidate ahead his counterparts
-We called him Osé Gan Gan oto ton in Ogu language; that is; the strongest rock of politics.
-He is married to M/C Bukola BAMGBOSE blessed with children.
Badagry Youths who believed in his leadership unanimously endorsed him for second time.

Signed; H/C Aladeotan S. David (water).

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