I don’t want to be part of alliances of aggrieved people – Kingsley Moghalu

Prof. Kingsley Moghalu is an economist and former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Contesting the 2019 presidential election on the platform of the Young Progressives Party, he told Eric Dumo his plans for the country if voted into office.

Below is the submission of Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, in an interview Mr Eric Dumo of the Punch Newspaper. Read the interview below.
Without proper political experience, how do you hope to run a complex society like Nigeria if eventually elected into power?

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11 Best Places for Business Leaders to Learn Public Speaking for Free

Public speaking is a highly sought-after skill — in fact, if you want to be an executive with your company, an author, a salesperson, a trainer or any other public-facing professional, you’re probably going to need to get comfortable with public speaking. And yet public speaking anxiety is still the top phobia, affecting more people than fears of spiders, heights, darkness and even death. That’s right, death. Where to Learn Public Speaking Skills for Free If you’re one of those people who would rather curl up in a ball and simply die than speak…

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