75 years old man marries 11 years old Girl

The Somalian Mandingo Muslim man of 75 years old has just married 11 years old Mandingo girl of that country on Friday.

MARRIAGE ROBS GIRLS OF THEIR RIGHTS Speaking in condemnation of the marriage, Some Nigerians told ireporters.com.ng – that Child marriage has a devastating impact on children’s lives – particularly on the lives of girls. It not only robs them of their rights, but also of their childhoods.

A girl who is married before the age of 18 is more likely to drop out of school, to become a child mother, to die during pregnancy or childbirth, and to be trapped in a lifetime of poverty.


When there is such a vast age gap between a bride and groom as there is in this particular case, it is very clear to see how unequal the power relations are. Girls in Africa, most especially in Nigeria are already treated as second class citizens, but when they are trapped in a marriage they never wanted, it is even more difficult for them to get their voices heard. Their hopes and dreams are limited as soon as they start their new lives, they are often cut off from family and friends, and they are highly likely to face domestic and sexual violence

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